Fast test of the new Fujifilm XF16mm f1.4 R WR – English version

(Versione italiana qui)
As the Fuji ambassador (or X-Photographer, if you prefer), Fuji Italy chose me to carry out a short test for a sample of the pre-production of the new Fuji 16mm fl.4 with particularly interesting lenses because it fills a gap of what is missing in the average lens kit: that of a very bright wide angle.

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF2841_150415

For clarity, it is necessary to indicate that before arriving on the market and passing the test phases, the lenses follow three steps:

  • 1 –  Pre-production (often the lens is not final and still has room for improvement)
  • 2 – Editor Edition (the lens is almost final, these series are often assigned to the reviews’ tests)
  • 3 – Final Specimen

So we’ll leave it at saying that my lens was a bit of a “Pre-production”, thus it is still to be improved upon.

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF2844_150415

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF2845_150415

The 16mm fl. 4 is a solid lens like the whole XF series. In terms of size, it is pretty close to the 56mm f1.2 as seen in the photo below. It differs from this in the diameter of the filters (67mm versus 62) , for the length and by the fact of it being tropicalized.

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF2847_150415

I tested the 16mm in a situation where the electronic shutter of the X – T1 was helpful because I shot in full sun to 1/32000 of a second: some shots would have been impossible with the normal shooting shutter at f1.4.

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF3646_100415ISO 200 f1.4 1/32000

As we see, the bokeh is very soft thanks to 9 aperture blades.
At f1.4, there is a slight chromatic aberration in the corners but closing of a stop is reduced greatly (for better viewing, you can download the SOOC jpegs in high definition and without any changes here). 

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF3618_100415 ISO 200 f1.4 1/5400


Compared to the ” brothers ” 10-24 f4 (stabilized) and 14 f2.8, obviously bokeh is softer, having the advantage of being able to work with an opening by two to three stops more.

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF3604_100415 ISO 200 f1.4 1/20000

This advantage in terms of bokeh is known for the conformation of the wide-angle lense, especially when the subject is fairly close. Even in shots like the one that follows, however, with the subject more than a meter and a half away, the subjects in the background are out of focus (see magnification 100 %, below)

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF3599_100415 ISO 200 f1.4 1/11000


100pc 100% dell’immagine precedente

 The 16mm WR is dedicated to those who love the bright and wide angles of quality and it certainly will be a good ally for those who, like me, often find themselves fighting with problems of light, especially for weddings. Meanwhile tropicalization ensures that you can stay calm in situations where you have to “bring home work ” or, more simply put, you want to go out to shoot without worries if in case it rains. If you missed my “rain test” of the X – T1 with 18-135, you can see it here.

Given that some people like to do street photography with wide-angle lenses, this lens will certainly make your mouth water; also due to the opportunity to shoot in low light without problems related to being blurry.

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF3632_100415  ISO 200 f1.4 1/18000

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF3629_100415  ISO 200 f1.4 1/32000

16mm f1.4_MDM_DSCF3596_100415  ISO 200 f1.4 1/23000

Since I happened to try the 16mm also during a session in a skate park, here it is in a situation where, as a rule, no one pushed a wide angle: an environmental portrait. I think the quality is absolutely excellent even for professional use.


If you want to keep updated on other tests and trials of photographic material (there are very interesting things coming soon), click on the bottom right and subscribe. Obviously I await you on Facebook too. See you soon!



6 pensieri riguardo “Fast test of the new Fujifilm XF16mm f1.4 R WR – English version”

  1. Hail His Excellency the Ambassador of Fuji… What is the big f-ing deal in posting FULL SIZE pictures? I just don’t get the obsession you photographers have in posting full resolution images.

    1. It could be nice sign with your name. And read the full article, so that you can find the link to download all the pictures SOOC. Don’t be obsessed by photographers 🙂


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